Why You Need to Measure Your Current Customer Experience

Below is an excerpt from my book “The Future-Proof Business Transformation Playbook — 5 Pivotal Pillars for 21st Century Leaders”

It’s essential to map out the entire customer experience and separate the good from the bad. In a connected world today, business attitudes and trends change rapidly leaving little to no time for the top leadership to react. However, once you’ve crafted a clear-cut process to evaluate and improve every component of the customer experience, you’d always have the extra time to adjust to any changing circumstance that affects your bottom line.

First off, the 5W’s (what, where, when, who, why) analysis will tell you the current status of your customer experience and how you can take quick actions to solve the recurring problems your current customers are facing. Multiple analysis of every interaction at each touch-point is a hallmark for winning organizations.

Measuring your customer experience is a permanent habit for top leaders and managers. In my opinion, customer retention and loyalty are better metrics as compared to financial results since they reflect the health of your customer experience. Analyzing the right factors is crucial for a continued future success. The sooner you realize this, the better it is.

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