About Paul Oppong

Professional speaker Paul Oppong discussing project portfolio management and leadership at a seminar.
Paul Oppong Engages Audience on Project Portfolio Management and Leadership

Hello there! I’m Paul Oppong, navigating the exciting world of project and portfolio management in the tech industry. I’ve worn many hats in my journey – management consultant, writer, speaker, and digital transformation guide. Teamwork, innovation, and transparency are the values I swear by, guiding me through the dynamic labyrinth of technological change.

My professional mission orbits around spotting tech patterns and advances, driving digital transformation projects, and bridging stakeholders to accomplish tech adoption success. I take immense pride in cultivating a transparent, innovative, and team-centric approach in everything I embark on.

My written insights and publications have found homes in various journals and online platforms, covering fascinating areas like project and portfolio management, digital transformation, and leadership. Speaking engagements and webinars also fill my calendar, offering wonderful opportunities to connect and share experiences.

When I’m not exploring the tech universe, I reside in Canberra, Australia, alongside my amazing wife. Off-duty, you’ll catch me cheering for the Canberra Raiders or Manchester United, engrossed in Formula One’s strategic manoeuvres, or tending to my serene collection of houseplants. Capturing all these passions and experiences in a memoir is on my bucket list.

My thirst for knowledge led me to the University of Canberra and the University of Hertfordshire, earning a Master’s in Information Technology and Systems and a Master of Science in Strategic Business and IT, respectively. A varied career across multi-national corporations and engagements with state and federal government clients in Australia have enriched my understanding of project and portfolio management and offered valuable insights.

This is my slice of the internet, a platform to connect, share, and delve deeper into various topics. If my journey resonates with you or if you’d like to explore collaborations, please connect with me on LinkedIn or my social media channels. Let’s dive into the tech world together!